foreclosureLegendary cellist Mstislav Rostropovich once compared virtuosi to Magicians: “They do everything before your eyes, yet after each performance people ask, ‘how did they do that?'”

The virtuoso’s technique is incredibly honed. But is it all in the technique? What about their ideas and personality? Is it a divine gift? Is being a genius the same as being a virtuoso?

What do those artists in the rare constellation of virtuosi have in common? Is it an obsession with their art? Determination in pursuit of undeniable perfection? Do they dream of their craft, waking in the middle of the night with ideas and visions? Or is it an uncompromising love that becomes inextricably part of who they are?

The virtuoso is crafted in the fires of relentless hard work, the harnessing of talent, and a generosity of spirit. The virtuoso never stops learning, and breathes a deep need to share his or her gifts with others.

Every artist needs a support system of mentors, people who are stabilize, and who garner respect – not just for what they say, but for what they do.

VIRTUOSO was born of a deep love for music and a passionate commitment to music education. 2014 Series present world-class performers and teachers through recitals and master classes, allowing them to share their art and wisdom through the stage.

All concerts are presented at the Encinitas Library Community Room with a magnificent ocean view as a back drop. It’s chamber music as it was meant to be enjoyed – in an intimate setting. The six-concert annual series features internationally recognized classical musicians and ensembles, each precluded by a private reception with the artists.

Michael Tseitlin, Artistic Director